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Choosing your own title company

As the buyer of the property, it is your right to select the title company you want to handle the complex process of preparing your closing. Since the title insurance policy will be issued to you and your lender, you make the decision. In some cases, real estate agents and brokers may suggest a particular title company to handle the escrow for a transaction. It’s often that their suggestion is based on little more than their familiarity with the title company. You may choose any title company you wish to handle this important process.

Allowing your REALTOR® or lender to decide who has your private information may be a thing of the past. Continue reading to find out why you should choose your own title company to handle one of the largest investments of your life.

Reason 1: Valuable Partner

A title company is a valuable partner to have when selling or buying your home, but not all of them are created equal. Contact us today to find out why, or continue reading to see what sets us apart.

It is our pleasure to endorse Trademark Title. In today’s complex market it is extremely important that we work with a title company that we know is knowledgeable and will follow through. When we turn a file over to Lori and Mandi we know they have the skills to resolve any problems before closing so there will be no surprises. They keep us informed throughout the process which isn’t always the case with other title companies. Communication is vital and we know we can quickly get answers by phone or email. We have also checked costs from other companies and Trademark is usually equal or less than others which our clients appreciate. They have become a trusted part of our team.

Re/Max Advantage Plus

Mike and Sue Winship

Reason 2: Locally Owned

Choosing a title company that is familiar with local rules and customs gives you peace of mind and a hometown customer service feel. Read Our Story and see where we came from.

Thank you so much for your diligence in helping us close our home. We really appreciate the careful work you did.

Shana Y.

Reason 3: Expertise

Title searches can be complex. Your title company should have a staff that can handle the job flawlessly. At Trademark Title Services, every closer on our team has many years of experience in handling the most complex processes.

Thank you for making our closing a smooth and easy process. Trademark handled everything in the most professional manner possible. We are truly pleased. Thanks again for everything.

Leader One

Kelly Herlofsky

Reason 4: ALTA Best Practices

We put you first by working diligently to confirm that our controls, policies, procedures and audits exceed the guidelines to protect your information and your property rights.

Thank you again for the wonderful service and friendship I received from you and the closing agency. It was indeed a pleasure to do business with people that seem to enjoy their jobs and seem to care about the people they do business with – it’s not often that you find that.

Julie K.

Reason 5: Accuracy

Real estate transactions require absolute accuracy in the preparation of every document. Sloppy work can add complications and delays. At Trademark Title Services, accuracy and completeness are our number one priority.

It is always my goal to provide my clients with the highest quality of service. Teaming with Trademark Title Services I have peace of mind that my clients are receiving the highest level of service and that their closing will be as stress free as possible. Thank you, Trademark Title!

GRI Necklen & Oakland Real Estate Services

Barb Dahl - Broker, Realtor

Reason 6: Efficiency

You’re eager to take possession of your real estate purchase. You may be on a very tight schedule. Meeting closing dates requires that the title company carries out all necessary tasks on a strict schedule. At Trademark Title Services, we take pride in our well-planned scheduling and efficiency in every process.

It is always my goal to provide my clients with the highest quality of service. Teaming with Trademark Title Services I have peace of mind that my clients are receiving the highest level of service and that their closing will be as stress free as possible. Thank you, Trademark Title!

Jackie M.

Reason 7: Communication

Whether you communicate directly with your title company or through your agent, you need to track the progress of the title process closely. If issues arise, you need to know right away. At Trademark Title Services, we understand this need, and make sure that our communication with you and your agent is timely throughout the process.

Title companies play a critical role in the home buying and selling processes. Luckily for me and my clients, we work with Trademark Title. One of the main reasons we work with Trademark is because of their depth – they provide exceptional customer service before, during and after the home is purchased.

Before – they provide title commitments to lenders quickly and are available to answer questions in a timely manner. They have hired enough people to make sure there is consistent communication between all parties, and no one feels “left out of the loop”.

During – they have managed to attract the best talent to their organization, so the closers will always have smiles on their faces and answer questions for the buyers or sellers. They also have closers that can accommodate a schedule change or unusual request.

After – most people don’t think about the “after” because everyone is so excited to move into their home, but this is an important part of the process. The team at Trademark ensure that the deeds get recorded correctly (which should be a given, but not everyone gets it right).

The owner is proactive about knowing current and up-coming regulations, which means our clients and company are being protected. It is rare to see a title company go above and beyond the call of duty on a regular basis. Thank you, Trademark Title!

LeaderOne Financial Corp.

Liz Peter