For most people going through the home purchasing process, there’s a lot to think about. Not only do you need to make decisions regarding the area you want to live in, the convenience factors for your lifestyle, and the new furniture you’ll need to make the house feel like home, you must work on finding the best mortgage rates, a lender you like, and a real estate team you trust.

So, after going through all of that, you might think to yourself, do I really need to be specific about the title company I choose?

Yes! You do!

The title company you choose guides you through the closing process on the most expensive purchase you’ll likely make in your entire life: your home. Ensuring that the final steps of your property purchase go smoothly starts with choosing the right title company for your situation.

Factor One: Are they a local company?

Choosing a locally owned title company means they’re familiar with local rules and customs that are important to the purchase of your home. In addition, a locally-owned company is putting money, time and energy right back into the community you’re settling down in.

Factor Two: Do they have the right expertise?

Title searches are complex – and doing the title search right is important to keeping your property protected. Choosing a title company that has many years of experience via a team that can handle the closing process flawlessly is essential.

Factor Three: Do they adhere to the American Land Title Association best practices?

Choosing a title company that adheres to – and exceeds – the best practices put forth by the ALTA ensures your information, and your property rights, are protected in the best way possible.

Factor Four: Are they efficient?

Closing on your home is the last step in moving forward with a new phase of your life. You’re excited to wrap up the details, and might be on a tight schedule. Choosing the right title company can mean the difference between closing on time, and being late to the table (or not having all the right documents in place). Choose a title company that can carry out all the necessary tasks on a very strict schedule to make sure your closing runs smoothly.

How do I find out if Trademark Title fits these factors?

At Trademark, we pride ourselves on being an efficient, accurate, friendly and knowledgeable resource for our clients. Learn more about our process, and what makes us different, here.
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