As a company, we’re big believers that our success as a whole hinges on our dedicated team. Our culture of teamwork is what allows us to be great, and we truly believe that together, we can win. Trademark Title’s foundation is a fantastic family of staff, people who go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are happy and that our standard of work is of the highest caliber.


At every quarterly meeting, we take the time to recognize some of these exceptional team members with our peer nominated Kit Kat award. The recipients of this award have shown true dedication to their team and demonstrate daily that together, we really can win. This quarter the winners were Sarah Vasa, Lisa McKenzie, Desiree Celestain-Gobeil, and Lisa Langer.


Sarah was nominated by one of her peers because of her assistance with an important transition for her team. She took the time to share her knowledge and brief her team members on important information and nuances that were vital to the success of the transition. Not only did Sarah put in the extra time to ensure a seamless transition, but she kept spirits high with her fantastic sense of humor. Congratulations Sarah!


Lisa McKenzie was nominated by Melony Steber. Lisa’s smile and attitude have made a big impact. She has impressed clients with her devotion to their business, and her high quality of work. Lisa is always willing to assist her team and consistently goes the extra mile. There is no doubt that she is an integral member of Trademark Title. Thanks Lisa, we are lucky to have you!


Desiree was nominated by Rhoda Haukos and Beth Armstrong. Desiree has really taken initiative. She has been a tremendous help to her team, jumping in wherever she is needed, and volunteering to help with difficult tasks. Desiree’s willingness to step in and help her team be the most productive they can be makes her an all-star! Keep it up, Desiree!


Lisa Langer was nominated by Lisa Sheflet because she exemplifies our company values. Lisa took on a development project despite an already full schedule, and has maintained a positive attitude as she juggles both pieces of her job. Lisa has shown herself to be a true leader, and is always available to assist her team when needed. Great job, Lisa!


We also want to recognize our Everyday Accolade award winners. The recipients of this award exemplify Trademark Title values and consistently do their jobs at a high level, impressing us every single day. This quarter, the Everyday Accolade winners were the stand out team of Marti Mahoney-Peterson and Lori Jo Roberts, aka The Queen Team. Thank you both for your dedication to your team and the success of Trademark Title!