As a real estate agent, you wear many hats and juggle countless complicated tasks. What you may not know is that working with the right title company can help lighten that load. When choosing a title company as a valued partner, consider what assistance that company offers you as an agent. What value is your preferred title company adding to your real estate business?


At Trademark Title, we work hard to provide you with additional resources that go beyond getting the job done, helping to make your job easier, and impress your clients.

Tori the Superhero

The title process can be complicated, difficult to understand, and even more challenging to explain to your clients. That is exactly why we created Tori the Title Superhero. Tori comes to life in fun cartoon videos where she talks about title insurance. Through animation, Tori is able to accurately and succinctly explain the title process, how it benefits clients, and why it’s needed. The next time one of your clients asks you to explain this complicated process, let Tori do the hard work for you.


Close Simple

The title process has many steps. Depending on the property, these steps can take some time to complete. This is why we use CloseSimple to keep you informed, and walk you through the process, saving you precious time and making you look amazing in the eyes of your client.


The CloseSimple Pizza Tracker for Title™ allows us to send you automated updates, such as when we open the file, complete the title commitment, schedule the closing, and when the closing is complete. These timeline updates will allow you to keep your client up-to-date without ever having to pick up the phone to call your title company.


Trademark App

We want to help make your job easier, which is why we created a downloadable Trademark Title app with tons of helpful features. Our app includes a monthly affordability calculator that allows you to determine how much your clients can afford, as well as a monthly payment calculator to show them how much will they be paying. We even included a seller net sheet feature that you can use to show your client how much profit they will make.


The app also allows you to access your net sheets and gives you the ability to send clients pdf records instantly. There is a section containing your closer contact info, and of course, all the Trademark Title phone numbers and locations. You can grab the app in your phone system marketplace -and best of all, it’s free!


Choose the Right Partner

We go beyond making the title process seamless and are focused on consistently adding value to your real estate business. To learn more about the tools we provide, or how you can work with the Trademark Title family, get in touch with our team!