TRADEMARK TITLE SERVICES, INC., 13875 Highway 13 South, Suite 126, Savage, MN 55378

We recognize and respect the privacy expectations of today’s consumers and the requirements of applicable federal and state privacy laws. We want you to be aware of how we use your non-public personal information (“Personal Information”), and with whom such information may be shared, to ensure that you understand that we take your privacy seriously, that we strive to limit the scenarios in which we share such information without your permission, and we are happy to work with you to further refine or limit the scenarios in which such information is shared, to the extent we are able.

This privacy statement provides an explanation of our policies regarding such issues. We reserve the right to change our privacy practices from time to time consistent with applicable privacy laws or operational changes within our company, provided such changes do not have a material adverse impact upon your privacy rights.

In the course of the title, closing, or related work we perform on your behalf, we collect an array of Personal Information from you or from others on your behalf. Some of the Personal Information received or collected may include social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, contact information and the like. Such information may be obtained from sources including but not limited to the following:

1.   Applications, email correspondence, phone calls, form documents, or other forms we receive from you or your real estate agent, loan/mortgage broker or similarly authorized representative;

2.   Prior or other current transactions with, or business relationships you have had with us or with our affiliates (including but not limited to RE/MAX Advantage Plus, which is an affiliated business with Trademark Title Services, Inc.);

3.   Internet web sites or other digital media operated by us or by our affiliates, through which you may voluntarily provide information;

4.   Public records maintained by governmental entities (such as the County Recorder, Registrar of Titles, Department of Revenue or similar governmental agencies, offices or organizations) from whom we may need to obtain information necessary for or applicable to your business with us; and

5.   Credit agencies or other consumer date or reporting agencies from whom we may need to obtain information necessary for or applicable to your business with us.

Our policies regarding the protection of the confidentiality and security of your Personal Information

We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your Personal Information from unauthorized access or intrusion.  We can never guaranty that such information cannot be compromised or breached, in light of the many noteworthy data breaches in which retail, financial, medical and other entities and their customers or clients have been victims. However, within our company we strive to limit access to your Personal Information only to those employees who need such access in connection with the services we deliver to you. Our data security, file security, and employee training protocol and procedures are all designed and implemented in a way that we believe focuses on the importance of keeping your confidential and private Personal Information secure. However, there may be instances in which some of your Personal Information is shared with others, in limited instances for legitimate business purposes, as detailed below.

Our policies and practices regarding the sharing of your Personal Information

We may share your personal information with the following entities or individuals or under the following circumstances:

1.   A limited group of service providers and business organizations that you have selected to do business with in connection with the matter in which we are serving you. Examples of such businesses, organizations or individuals include but are not limited to real estate companies, insurance companies, appraisers, home owners associations, surveyors, city or municipal property tax/utilities/zoning authorities, accountants or attorneys with whom you are working or who have identified a legitimate and appropriate business purpose for which your information is needed.

2.   Businesses and service providers who are related to the transaction (such as agents, title companies or lenders representing or assisting another party to the transaction) or to those companies who perform marketing, communications, or other services on our behalf (such as courier, document recording, etc.).

3.   Selected providers who are not directly connected to the transaction or the services we are performing on your behalf. In such instances, if the information does not need to be shared for a material business purpose that is necessary for us to be able to assist you with the services in which you have engaged us, we will obtain your authorization to release such information before doing so.

4.   Entities or individuals when you direct or give us permission to do so, when we are required by law to do so, or when we suspect fraudulent or criminal activities and your Personal Information is identified in connection with any reporting we must do for risk management, licensing, or compliance.

5.   Entities or individuals when permitted by applicable privacy laws. For example, when disclosure of your Personal Information is necessary in connection with enforcing our rights arising out of any agreement, transaction, or relationship we have with you.

We do not have control over, nor shall we be held responsible for the use, misuse, or data breach of any individual or organization outside of our company with whom your Personal Information has been shared.

One of the important responsibilities we perform, or that vendors perform at our direction or supervision, is recording documents in the public domain. Such documents may contain your personal information, as is typical and customary for deeds, mortgages, certain tax records, and other recorded or publicly filed information.

Requests for accessing your Personal Information, correcting errors, request changes or deletion, opting out, or obtaining additional information:

Certain states afford you the right to access your personal information and, under certain circumstances, to find out to whom your personal information has been disclosed. Also, certain states afford you the right to request correction, amendment, or deletion of your personal information. Any time you are afforded such a right and make such a request, we strive to timely and properly honor such requests. Similarly, if you request that your Personal Information be removed from mailing, contact or distribution lists, or you would like to “opt out” from any information that we may share with providers or businesses where the sharing of such information is not necessary for the services we perform for you, you can make all such requests by written notice sent to the address below.

All requests must be made in writing to the following address:

Privacy Compliance Officer

13875 Highway 13 South, Suite 126

Savage, MN 55378

Multiple products or services

If we serve you in multiple transactions or in multiple capacities, you may receive our privacy policy and notice on more than one occasion.  Please be sure to read the policy on each such occasion, as it may change from time to time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.