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Residential Buyer’s Closing Cost Calculator

There are two types of owner’s title insurance policies certified by the American Land Title Association – the Owner’s policy and the Homeowner’s policy. The Owner’s policy protects you from defects and liens in the history of your title through the date and time your deed is recorded in the public records. Trademark Title Services now offers more protection options. You can get an estimated cost of Owner’s Title Insurance using the calculator below, or you can click Loan Buyer’s Homeowner’s Title Insurance Calculator for an estimate. For the additional protection offered by Homeowner’s Title Insurance, please see the Comparison of Title Insurance Policies.

Title Service Fees & Lender’s Title Insurance
Homeowner's Title Insurance
The title fees listed above are guaranteed for properties within the Minneapolis/St. Paul seven county metropolitan area (Hennepin, Ramsey, Dakota, Scott, Washington, Anoka, Wright). Title examination fees may be higher for other MN counties and/or WI.
Additional County Fees That May Apply
Governmental charges are separate from title charges and are set by state and county regulators and are mandatory for most transactions.

Please contact us directly at INFO@TRADEMARKTITLESERVICES.COM for fees and rates relating to property in Wisconsin.

NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER: Any calculator tool or other resource used to offer an estimate or preliminary idea of potential costs, fees or the like should not be relied upon. These tools utilize basic information that may need to be supplemented or adjusted, and they are intended to be an illustration of possible costs, and nothing more. Trademark Title specifically disclaims any liability arising from or related to reliance upon fee estimates, fee calculators or similar tools found in the Trademark Title website or related mobile apps or similar technology. As a result, calculations or fee estimates found obtained within this application should be considered as a point of reference, but no such calculations or amounts identified are fee quotes and Trademark Title will not be bound by any such fee estimates or preliminary calculations. Please consult with Trademark Title to determine any fees or charges you might incur with Trademark Title related to your transaction. Factors such as change in purchase price, market changes and unique transactional circumstances could impact title review fees, closing fees, title insurance premiums and the like. Loan or mortgage rates, inspection fees, homeowner’s insurance costs, property taxes or other such amounts are outside of the control of Trademark Title and you should independently verify any and all such fees, amounts or costs without relying upon any estimate of the same. Trademark Title does not provide legal, accounting, tax, financial or other advice. If you’re seeking such advice, you should seek help from individuals licensed or qualified in such fields.