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Today’s real estate transactions can put even more pressure on the parties involved. Timing may be absolutely critical, especially in cases where more than one transaction is being closed on the same day. At Trademark Title Services, everything we do is designed and planned to keep the closing on schedule and trouble free. Some of the elements of this planning include:


From the receipt of an initial title order, planning is essential to meeting a set closing date. We analyze each order, and then schedule our work to make sure that every milestone is reached on time during the process.


As part of the scheduling for every transaction, we monitor the progress of every step to make sure it is completed on schedule. Unexpected issues are spotted immediately and corrected.

Issue Management

When issues arise that may slow or halt progress, we turn our attention to finding creative, effective solutions for those issues. We never put off a difficult issue in hopes that it will solve itself.


We keep all parties informed of the progress of their transaction, and communicate immediately if any action is needed to keep the transaction on schedule. All necessary closing date information is provided in advance.

Dispute Resolution

If disputes arise between buyer and seller during the process, we work with agents to find creative solutions for those disputes, bringing our experience along to keep the process moving.


When confidential arrangements have been made between agents and clients, we are very careful to preserve that confidentiality. We realize that what seems like an innocent slip of the tongue can sour a transaction.

Preparation for Closing

As the closing date approaches, we carefully script the closing procedure to match the needs of the particular transaction. All materials are prepared, so they can be presented and executed in the proper sequence.

The Closing Environment

We have several closing locations to offer our clients throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. We can accommodate any number of parties to the real estate closing transaction.

The Actual Closing

Nothing is more important than tracking and communicating during the progress of a title transaction. We keep you informed at every step of the real estate closing process, let you know immediately if any issues arise, and never leave you and your client playing a long game of phone tag.