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Nothing is more important than tracking and communicating during the title transaction process. We keep you informed of every step of the real estate closing process, let you know immediately if issues arise, and never leave you or your client playing a long game of phone tag.


Our finely honed title process means that we’re on top of each transaction from the initial title order to the closing date. There’s no procrastination or delay at any point. We know that constant, hard, accurate work is crucial to the success of every transaction.


We’ll take the lead in solving all title problems in every transaction. We won’t interrupt your busy schedule with issues we can resolve ourselves.


Accuracy is key to a successful and on time closing. Simple mistakes can slow progress to a crawl. Our careful attention to detail keeps the process moving smoothly towards a trouble-free transaction.


In every aspect of the job, we maintain a constant professional approach. However, this doesn't mean that we sacrifice friendly, comfortable interactions with you or your clients, because that’s a part of professionalism too.


Not every real estate transaction is entirely free of problems. In many cases, confidential information is exchanged between some parties of the transaction. We understand the need to keep this information confidential and take special care not to breach any confidence.


Every member of our staff has an abundance of experience in this complex business. We encounter and manage virtually every type of title process, and we bring many decades of combined experience to any situation.


Any time an issue develops during a title process, we find creative, practical solutions to keep the process moving smoothly. Our experience and resourcefulness is the key.


As the closing date approaches, we organize and script the closing process carefully. We work closely with all parties to make every closing a comfortable, stress-free event.


Our closing facilities are designed to enhance the comfort and efficiency of closing procedures. All of our locations are easily accessible from major highways, making it easy for you to find us for meetings and closings.