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Did you know up to 15 percent of Minnesota real estate transactions are made without the assistance of a professional real estate agent? For sellers, the primary thought is so they can save money by not paying commissions to agents involved. For buyers, they may find they get a better price since the seller does not have to pay any commission.

Eliminating the need for a real estate professional does present its challenges, however. Most buyers and sellers do not have the knowledge or expertise to effectively negotiate or navigate the legal ins and outs of a purchase agreement, city required inspections, homeowner’s association disclosure stipulations or proper earnest money retention, to name a few. Not to mention the limited exposure to interested buyers and scheduling/managing their own showings. It’s often that important legal requirements are forgotten, and misunderstandings can occur.

Still, these transactions, often referred to as a FSBO (For Sale by Owner), are not at all uncommon.  In these situations, real estate experts recommend all parties consult an attorney who specializes in real estate, to make certain all legal requirements are met. This helps protect both parties.

If you find yourself in a FSBO transaction, Trademark Title can be of service to you to ensure all bases are covered at the time of your closing.

Once both parties have completed negotiations and signed their Purchase Agreement, our Trademark Title professionals will review it for accuracy and let you know if anything further is needed to get you to the closing table on time and with ease. It is important to remember that title companies cannot complete these forms for you as they are not licensed real estate agents nor can they provide you legal advice about the transaction.  However, we will make certain the purchase agreement is prepared correctly and answer any non-legal questions.

*As recommended, an attorney is the preferred option for legal assistance, negotiations and preparations to best protect both parties*

In a normal, agent-assisted transaction, most communication pertaining to the title process is funneled through the real estate agents.  In a FSBO transaction, the title company communicates directly with the buyers and sellers on all title matters.  Open communication is key to a successful transaction!

The closing process will be much the same as with an agent-assisted transaction. However, we are fully prepared to answer more in-depth questions and offer guidance due to the absence of a real estate professional.