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As the buyer of the property, it is your right to select the title company you want to handle the complex process of preparing for your closing. Since the title insurance policy will be issued to you and your lender, you make the decision. Real estate agents and brokers may suggest a particular title company to handle the escrow for a transaction. It’s often that their suggestion is based on little more than their familiarity with the title company. You may choose any title company you wish to handle this important process. Here are some of the issues to consider when making your selection:

Title searches can be complex. Your title company should have a staff that can handle the job flawlessly. At Trademark Title Services, every closer on our team has many years of experience in handling the most complex processes.

Real estate transactions require absolute accuracy in the preparation of every document. Sloppy work can add complications and delays. At Trademark Title Services, accuracy and completeness are our number one priority.

You’re eager to take possession of your real estate purchase. You may be on a very tight schedule. Meeting closing dates requires that the title company carries out all necessary tasks on a strict schedule. At Trademark Title Services, we take pride in our well-planned scheduling and efficiency in every process.

Whether you communicate directly with your title company or through your agent, you need to track the progress of the title process closely. If issues arise, you need to know right away. At Trademark Title Services, we understand this need and make sure that our communication with you and your agent is timely throughout the process.

You are the customer. Your title company should always treat you with courtesy and patience, answering any questions you may have fully and in an understandable way. Trademark Title Services is known for its excellent customer service and courteous staff. We’re here to serve you.
When the closing day arrives, you want the process to go smoothly and without last-minute problems. Trademark Title Services understands that a real estate closing is a rare and sometimes stressful event. We carefully plan and script our closings, so that they run smoothly. We explain every document you sign and make sure that all parties understand the process. Our spacious, comfortable closing facilities help with this process by making everyone comfortable during every closing. You can count on us.
Following the closing, many tasks remain. Your title company should complete these promptly and provide you with the original documents you need. At Trademark Title Services, our job is not done until every task is finished. We never delay the completion of your transaction.