Closing Day on a House: What does the home closing process look like?

Buying a home is often times the biggest purchase a person will make in their life, because of this; it can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. Thankfully, working with a title company can take away some of that stress.

The Job of the Title Company

In the closing process, you can trust Trademark to handle three main jobs to help facilitate the closing of your new property. First, we’ll make sure that the title of your new home is valid. This involves an in-depth title search to make sure there are no issues, from old liens to unpaid taxes or an unresolved interest of a prior owner. You will have options to choose the right title insurance for your purchase, which will add a level of protection for your investment on the off chance that something was not revealed in the original title search. Finally, we’ll help with the closing of your home.

Closing Day on a House

While closing on your new home might sound a little overwhelming, we work hard to make sure that all you need to do is show up at the right time! Our job is to make sure all the right documents are ready to go, that they’re signed and filed with the right entities.

At your closing, we’ll go through your Closing Disclosure, loan documents, and title documents. We also handle all incoming and outgoing monies pertaining to the transaction, which means it’s our job to act as your trusted partner to ensure all payments are disbursed correctly. Once everything is signed, notarized, and approved by your closing agent and lender, we make sure the deed, mortgage, and other documents are recorded with the County Recorder’s office. Then, you’re off to celebrate your new investment!

Take the next step

Choosing the right vendors to work with you on your home purchase is important. You should feel comfortable with the people you’re working with, and be able to trust that they’re advocating on your behalf. When you’re ready to partner with a hometown title company with the most knowledgeable team in the industry, let’s chat!