Everyone believes in good customer service—at least— they think they do. When we’re on the receiving end (the customer), we always expect to be treated with the respect, dignity and honesty we deserve. We hope for great customer service and when we find it, it’s hard not to tell others.

But what about the other half of the time, when we’re the ones serving a customer or client? How can we know our customer service is top notch?

Trademark Title made the decision a long time ago to focus on what great customer service really means to us by creating our own philosophy of service. Our service philosophy is to be authentic leaders who exhibit our core values of integrity, compassion and commitment. When a client works with us, we strive to show them these core values in everything we do.

Curating this philosophy took time, reflection and intention. Our story of growth in this area can be yours. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Reflect and remember. Think about your story—what did it take to get where you are and who helped you along the way? In reflecting, we often discover what is most important to us by what impacted us the most. This leads nicely into the next suggestion to…

Voice your values and follow them. Consider what matters most to you in terms of principles, ethics or ideals. If it’s hard to pinpoint just a few, look up a list of values and work with your partner or mentor to identify your guiding principles.

Focus on the impact. What do you want your clients to leave saying about you—that you were hard-working, detailed, communicative, informed? The impact you want won’t just magically appear without the intent to make it happen.

Sprinkle in some vision. It’s fun to dream about the future and what you could become, both as an individual and business. Vision casting shows you where you want to go and can help you see if you’re on the path to get there.

These suggestions will get you started, but most of the work is still to come. Philosophy is all about ideals and beliefs, so curating a philosophy of great customer service is only the beginning. Now it’s your mission to act—to live out your beliefs and ideals every single day. We’re right there with you on this journey.