Tis the season! With holidays just around the corner, bell ringers in the stores, and Christmas gifts already selling out online, the hustle and bustle is all too real. It can feel impossible to squeak out some time to actually focus on gratitude or schedule a time to volunteer and give back.

So maybe we are doing it wrong. We’re trying to squeeze all of our good will into one season that is already bursting with activity. It’s time to consider how creating a culture of gratitude and giving can be an all-year, all-the-time kind of culture.

Three Ways to Create a Culture of Giving

The idea of giving of time, talents and treasures is not just reserved for a select few, but it can apply to almost any organization, company, team or individual. We all have something to give, even if we’re strapped on cash or don’t have disposable income. We can think about giving as something that is within reach and then watch our impact go far beyond our own four walls.

Your Time

Time is the one commodity we all share equal amounts of every day. No one gets more than 24 hours, and we all decide how to use it. Time is indeed precious, and giving your time is a precious gift to whoever receives it. Whether it is mentoring a new rep, volunteering once a month, or donating time to a client who could use the help, it is all giving back and a great way to start creating a culture of giving.

Your Talents

We all have them! They make us unique and valuable and we can use them to give back.  Maybe you have a knack for construction and could help with Habitat for Humanity. Perhaps you’re a semi-professional behind the camera and could help a friend trying to get started in their business. Think outside the box on how your unique strength could benefit someone else. Nothing feels better and makes a bigger impact than when we’re using our unique strengths to accomplish a goal for good!

Your Treasures

At Trademark, our mission is all about multiplying our impact. We want to go above and beyond, exceeding the expectations of our clients and partners and seeing the ripple effect of our work. Giving back is a big part of how we make that vision come to life. The opportunity we have to see our impact spread beyond our own spheres, starts with the gratitude to see what we have and how we can share it. Our Caring4Community initiative is that chance to make a broader impact by engaging those we serve and inspiring the direction of giving! This initiative provides our customers the opportunity to select one of four charity options, and then we donate a portion of our closing fee to that selection. To date, we have donated $78,620!

Starting Somewhere

I hope that this post is a jumping off point. You can start small and see where it goes! You can ask around for who needs help, offer up a unique talent, or click a button to donate.

Imagine your company, team, or even yourself in a culture of giving. What a great place to be – part of something that is having an impact far beyond what you can even see.