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To all our valued partners,

As mandates are lifted and smiles can be seen, Trademark will continue to provide the highest level of service you have come to expect, along with our commitment to maintain a safe and healthy environment for you, your clients and our team.

Will closings be back to “normal”?

The pandemic opened our eyes to new, more efficient and better ways to conduct closings. We will continue to sign  sellers and buyers at separate times to maintain consumer privacy and welcome their representing agents and loan officers to the signings as well.

Will Trademark continue health and safety protocols?

Of course!  Trademark will adhere to the CDC recommended guidelines for those vaccinated and those unvaccinated, and we appreciate the same in return for those visiting our offices.  We value and respect our team, customers and clients and will always accommodate your health and safety requests to the best of our ability, including masks, plexiglass barriers or curbside closings.

General precautions remain…if you have been exposed or are feeling sick, please contact our team for special accommodations should you have a scheduled appointment in our office.

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4 Ways To Safely Close On Your Home With Trademark Title

COVID-19 has impacted almost every area of the real estate market, including the home closing process. At Trademark Title, we dedicate ourselves to providing you a fast, comfortable and accurate closing experience as you finalize one of the most significant transactions in one’s life.

Maintaining the health and safety of our clients, team members, and community is our highest priority. Trademark has adapted its closing procedures to include social distancing policies and contactless closing options for our customers.

Here’s what you can expect with each Trademark Title closing experience:

In-Person Closing

Trademark closers are committed to keeping your real estate transaction moving forward. If an in-person closing experience is preferred, we will gladly schedule your closing in one of our 19 locations convenient to you.

We work with all our team members and partners to ensure they adhere to CDC guidelines and best practices. To maintain social distancing, buyers and sellers now sign in separate spaces at separate times. All non-essential parties to the transaction (non-signers) are strongly urged not to attend in-person closings. All Trademark offices are sanitized after each closing (tables, armrests, door handles/knobs, and propping doors open for air circulation when possible). Additionally, hand sanitizers are stationed throughout the space for your convenience and plexi-glass barriers are placed on the conference tables in a majority of our locations.

Remote Online Closing

Remote online notarized (RON) closings offer a safe and contactless alternative to in-person closings. Remote closings utilize secure online portals for consumers to electronically sign closing documents in the presence of a remote online notary. Though safe and convenient, this method is not a fit for everyone, as technology parameters and lender/underwriter/title company approvals must be met.

Curbside Closing

Adapted out of need due to the pandemic, Trademark also offers curbside closings. Our closer sends over all documents in advance so buyers and sellers can review and ask questions prior to signing. At the time of their scheduled appointment, the consumer will drive to a Trademark Title location and call their closer at the number provided prior to closing. Our closer comes out to meet them in their vehicle, collects valid photo ID and delivers the loan documents for the consumer to ink sign. Documents are presented on a clip board, clearly posted or highlighted where to sign and date, all while the closer is available by phone for questions.

Upon completion, the closer will pick up the signed documents, review for accuracy and completeness, make appropriate copies and send you on your way!

Mail-away closing

For those who may be quarantined or are out of town, a mail-away closing option allow the buyer or seller to sign in the instance the other options may not be feasible. Physical documents are sent via overnight delivery direct to the signers. The signer is responsible to sign the documents in the presence of a notary and return then via overnight delivery to the Trademark closer prior to the scheduled closing date. Trademark has resources to assist buyers and sellers in locating a notary too!

Trademark Title has the tools, resources, knowledge, and compassionate team members to provide you the highest level of service to exceed your expectations. And now more than ever, all while maintaining a safe and healthy environment for you and your clients.

Questions? Contact us here!

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Written by Trademark Title President Charity Malmberg, Originally Published in Twin Cities Real Producers Magazine

With the work-from-home resurgence, many people are finally realizing their dreams of owning a winter get-away or taking the leap into multiple properties for the purpose of renting. With this resurgence comes new and exciting opportunities for you and a need for a good network that spans the country.

Building these networks takes time and effort, but can have big payoffs.

“It has been advantageous from the perspective of being able to send and receive referrals from all over the US and the world, as well as becoming more familiar with markets other than my own,” says Rob, an experienced real estate professional in Minnesota and Florida. “In addition, the amount of knowledge I have picked up from other practitioners has also proved incredibly valuable in my own business.”

Networking as a real estate professional also benefits your clients, when done with them in mind. While these clients have come to trust you and your team for local help, they may not have any connections in other states, and you become the bridge to these new markets. Here are a few steps to get you started in building your own valuable network:

  1. Attend conferences, join associations, and volunteer.

“Conferences are great for the sheer number of people one can meet, but service onboard and other volunteer activities are valuable to build more in-depth relationships, as you will find that over the course of a year or more serving with the same people can lead to some life-long relationships,” says Rob.

  1. Ask around

Talk with your broker and sphere within your brokerage for some guidance and a list of experts, or consult with out-of-state friends and family who they’ve worked with and what their experience was like. While you may come up with a long list of names at first, but you’re sure to dwindle it down with these next steps.

  1. Consider their messaging

Take an in-depth look at the website language, ads, and how they present themselves online. Does their messaging, vision and values line up with yours?

  1. Before referring, do “due diligence”

If you haven’t met the agent in person, be sure to set up a time to actually talk with the agent or group you’re considering referring to your clients. Treat it like an interview. Write down their answers and compare them with others.

  1. Make the connection!

Connect your client with the agent—or don’t, but no good contact is a wasted contact.

“A meeting and a new contact should never go to waste. Keep in touch, be a resource for your contacts over the long-term,” says Rob “You will see a benefit back in your own business with increased visibility and increased referrals.”

  1. Follow up with your client about their experience

Ask for honesty. If there’s any whiff of negativity, then move on to another referral option next time. Knowing your clients are taken care of when they’re not in your direct care is incredibly important for building a trusted network.

You’re almost there! Let Trademark Title take you over the finish line.

Real estate closings are complicated and can be filled with setbacks, but they can go smoothly with the right title service by your side. Trademark Title delivers a client-focused, stress-free home closing experience. Our team of experienced closers will work alongside you to ensure a hassle-free process. Whether buying or selling your home, we guarantee a fast, comfortable, and accurate closing experience. That’s our Trademark!


Here’s what you can expect from a closing experience backed by Trademark Title:

  • Intimate knowledge of local and state laws to give you peace of mind 
  • Knowledgeable team of closers to oversee the closing process without hassle
  • Accurate document processing to get you into your dream home as soon as possible
  • Fast and efficient communication to eliminate delays in the closing process


Contact us to learn why we’re the preferred closing company for Minnesota’s top producing agents!

Reach out to our team to learn more! Email us now!


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Remote Signing (RON)

Your health and safety come first.

Trademark offers a variety of in person and remote signing solutions to adhere to social distancing to keep everyone safe, including Remote Online Notarization!

Your closing team to ready to discuss your options and to verify if your transaction qualifies for these safe and convenient services!*


Transactional and technology requirements.

The following questionnaire will outline the minimum requirements to determine if a transaction or signer qualifies:

YES!  NO  Do you have access to a desktop or laptop computer?

YES!  NO   Does that device have a camera and microphone?

YES!  NO  Does that device operate on either Microsoft 8.1 or higher, or MacOS 10.11 or higher?

YES!  NO  Does that device have Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer?

*Safari is not a compatible web browser
*Web applications will require a strong, reliable internet connection of a
consistent, uninterrupted internet connection with at least 15 MBPS upload
and download speed.

YES!  NO  Do you have a smart phone with text message and camera capability?

*this will only be used during the identification process and cannot be
used as a signing device

If you can check off YES! to all of these questions, and are interested in a RON transaction, please reach out to your closing team for your next steps. Your closer will work with all parties to ensure and confirm we can provide this convenient service for you!

*DISCLOSURE: Utilizing the RON service will result in an additional Technology Fee, which will be collected and disclosed on the final closing settlement statement.
*Subject to parties role in the transaction, transaction type and if applicable, Title Insurance Underwriter Approval of executed document(s).

You need a trusted title partner to guide you through the home closing process. Contact us at HERE  and to learn how Trademark Title can provide you with an exceptional closing experience!


To all our valued partners,

As we all navigate the current landscape surrounding COVID-19, Trademark will continue to provide the highest level of service you have come to expect, along with committing ongoing efforts to maintain a safe and healthy environment for you, your clients and our team.

We have implemented the following Best Practices:

Social Distancing

  • Buyers and Sellers will sign in separate spaces when available
  • All sellers are encouraged to pre-sign and documents will be sent to the buyer’s closer.  Non-essential parties to the transaction are strongly encouraged to not attend (signers only)
  • No hand shaking (contact free closings)
  • We are ready and able to accommodate e-signing when allowed to reduce exposure time in the closing room

Office Cleanliness

  • All offices are sanitized after each closing (tables, arm rests, door handles/knobs and propping doors open when able)
  • Hand sanitizer is available in all offices
  • Our team has been instructed to follow the CDC’s steps to prevent illness
  • One-time use pens are provided for each signer and are disposed after use
  • No remote signings in consumer’s homes in order to ensure our team members’ health and safety
  • Screen cleaners have been provided for any laptop accommodated e-signings, to be used after each signing

General Precautions

  • Team members are required to remain at home if sick, and seek medical care if necessary
  • Trademark Title is (and always has been) equipped to allow team members to work remotely (position dependent) to accommodate workload and individual situations
  • All company meetings, events, seminars, conferences and work related travel has been cancelled.  Webinar and phone call sessions are in force

As this is an ever changing environment for all, we assure you, our trusted partners, you are in safe hands with Trademark as we monitor and adjust accordingly to the situation at hand.

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