As we get ready for the holidays, many of us are considering traveling to celebrate the holidays with family and friends or planning get-aways to warmer states.

Though it’s hard to admit, criminals know that this is a season of travel as well. So, with this in mind, there’s no better time to revisit some best practices for home security. We hope you’ll take a moment to read up on what insiders in the security field say, and share this post with your home-owner clients as well.  

Burglary is one of the biggest problems

Pew research shows that in 2019, burglary was the second highest form of crime after larceny/theft. In order to remove ourselves from this list of potential victims, there’s several things we can do to deter criminal activity.


Lights may seem like one of the most basic forms of home security, yet they can be an inexpensive and effective way to deter crime.

“Motion sensor lights are a simple idea, yet so effective – the last thing a trespasser or burglar wants is a spotlight on them, so don’t make darkness their friend,” says Jonathan Wall, GM for SimpliSafe.


This one seems surprising, but when it comes down to it, landscaping can be the difference between a criminal finding a place to hide or being completely exposed.

“Many homeowners love to have plants up against their home,” says Gene Petrino of Survival Response LLC. “These tend to become overgrown and provide hiding spots that allow criminals a concealed environment to break in undetected.”

He recommends keeping hedges below two feet in height and tree canopies over 6 feet in height to prevent any potential hiding places.

Locked doors, day and night

Once again, it’s surprising to learn that the majority of burglaries occur during the day, when criminals suspect homeowners to be gone at work or school. Experts agree that keeping all doors locked and secured, even during the day, is simple but extremely important.

Additionally, be sure to examine your entry point doors to ensure they are sturdy and unable to be removed from the outside hinges. Petrino also recommends reinforcing doors with 3 in. screws to make them nearly impossible to kick in.

Surveillance & security systems

Of course, home security systems are always a great option for deterring crime and there are many different packages and price points.  

“Sensors have also gotten incredibly smart,” says Wall.  “You can connect sensors that detect the unique frequency of shattering glass, sensors that just detect motion from humans and entry sensors that can help protect windows and doors, alerting you and sounding the alarm if any are triggered.”

If a full-blown security system is not in your budget, look into smart cameras and apps. Be sure to make cameras visible to the naked eye, to once again, act as a criminal deterrent.

Some might surprise you…

Finally, reformed criminals have said that sounds from within the home like barking dogs, the sounds of a radio playing, or hearing the TV on have also deterred them from burglarizing a home. Simple, but apparently effective.

Make home security, using simple or complex methods to keep you safe, a priority. Keep your homes secure this holiday season, and everyday!