COVID-19 has impacted almost every area of the real estate market, including the home closing process. At Trademark Title, we dedicate ourselves to providing you a fast, comfortable and accurate closing experience as you finalize one of the most significant transactions in one’s life.

Maintaining the health and safety of our clients, team members, and community is our highest priority. Trademark has adapted its closing procedures to include social distancing policies and contactless closing options for our customers.

Here’s what you can expect with each Trademark Title closing experience:

In-Person Closing

Trademark closers are committed to keeping your real estate transaction moving forward. If an in-person closing experience is preferred, we will gladly schedule your closing in one of our 19 locations convenient to you.

We work with all our team members and partners to ensure they adhere to CDC guidelines and best practices. To maintain social distancing, buyers and sellers now sign in separate spaces at separate times. All non-essential parties to the transaction (non-signers) are strongly urged not to attend in-person closings. All Trademark offices are sanitized after each closing (tables, armrests, door handles/knobs, and propping doors open for air circulation when possible). Additionally, hand sanitizers are stationed throughout the space for your convenience and plexi-glass barriers are placed on the conference tables in a majority of our locations.

Remote Online Closing

Remote online notarized (RON) closings offer a safe and contactless alternative to in-person closings. Remote closings utilize secure online portals for consumers to electronically sign closing documents in the presence of a remote online notary. Though safe and convenient, this method is not a fit for everyone, as technology parameters and lender/underwriter/title company approvals must be met.

Curbside Closing

Adapted out of need due to the pandemic, Trademark also offers curbside closings. Our closer sends over all documents in advance so buyers and sellers can review and ask questions prior to signing. At the time of their scheduled appointment, the consumer will drive to a Trademark Title location and call their closer at the number provided prior to closing. Our closer comes out to meet them in their vehicle, collects valid photo ID and delivers the loan documents for the consumer to ink sign. Documents are presented on a clip board, clearly posted or highlighted where to sign and date, all while the closer is available by phone for questions.

Upon completion, the closer will pick up the signed documents, review for accuracy and completeness, make appropriate copies and send you on your way!

Mail-away closing

For those who may be quarantined or are out of town, a mail-away closing option allow the buyer or seller to sign in the instance the other options may not be feasible. Physical documents are sent via overnight delivery direct to the signers. The signer is responsible to sign the documents in the presence of a notary and return then via overnight delivery to the Trademark closer prior to the scheduled closing date. Trademark has resources to assist buyers and sellers in locating a notary too!

Trademark Title has the tools, resources, knowledge, and compassionate team members to provide you the highest level of service to exceed your expectations. And now more than ever, all while maintaining a safe and healthy environment for you and your clients.

Questions? Contact us here!